Our Search Combines Modern AI with Professional Expertise

Innocelf can assist you with comprehensive and customized intellectual property research and analysis. Whether you are filing a patent application, launching a new product, assessing the strength of your portfolio or responding to a claim of infringement; a detailed IP analysis can make a difference.


Researching a New Idea

  • Patentability / Novelty / Prior Art Search
  • Accelerated Examination Search

We provide a comprehensive research report targeting every possible novel element of your invention rather than just matching keywords with prior arts to prove novelty of each element of your invention.

Our search reports include not only all results but also explains why this is relevant with respect to your invention and where to read specific information in a similar patent document.

While researching novelty for your invention, we also enlist all possible claims that one can consider while drafting a patent application.

Long term support till patent preparation
Quality results based on your timeline
Custom approach for your specific invention

During Commercialization of Your Product

  • Freedom to Operate Search
  • Clearance Search
  • Infringement Analysis
  • Amazon Product Patent Search

Landscape Analysis gives a birds eye view of the patents and market trends surrounding an invention. Our Landscape search report presents a holistic view on a technology that can illuminate the key players in a given patent space, patenting trends, and possible unexplored categories where innovation can be pursued.

Freedom to operate search provides guidance for successful commercialization of your product. This search covers existing patents and applications that claim a similar feature as your product of interest. This search is essential to manage risk of your product infringing on existing patents.

Long term support till product launch
Custom search approach
Reports that include feature and claim analysis

During Litigation

  • Validity / Invalidity Search

Validity / Invalidity search reports are not one size fits all. We understand that each project has its own goals. We design our search strategies, database selection and report representation according to your needs after detailed discussions with you.

Collaborative approach to understand your needs
Customized and transparent search strategies
Custom database and library selection

Researching New Business Names or Logos

  • Trademark Search

Our trademark search reports include results from federal and state trademark databases as well as domain name search results.

Quality results with respeect to your timeline and budget
Easy to read and understand reports
One-on-one consultation after report delivery