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Researching a New Idea

Prior art studies can be helpful to evaluate the novelty of an invention for a new product or process. Prepared before a patent application, it answers the following important questions:
  • Does a similar invention already exists?
  • Who has the intellectual property rights on it?
  • Is that patent still active or expired?
  • What is the scope of the granted claims?
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Commercialization of a Product

A successful product launch depends, in conjunction with many other factors, on understanding the landscape of inventions surrounding the field of invention. During a launch one may have the following queries:
  • Is the field of invention crowded?
  • What other opportunities of innovation exist?
  • Are there any competitors focused on certain inventions?
  • Are there opportunities to sharpen the current invention to make the product stand out?
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During Litigation

Whether you are assessing the strength of your portfolio or responding to a claim of infringement, a validity/invalidity search with the correct search methodology ensures you get the proper results for your needs.
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New Business Name or Logo

Research a business name or logo designs to identify all the confusingly similar trademarks that are already registered or in the public domain.
  • Ensures that you have a unique brand for maximum competitive advantage.
  • Saves on non-refundable fees for trademark registrations.
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